Our open source projects have been available on our own SVN server. Now we moved a couple of them to GitHub!

We hope that this will make it easier for the community to fork and experiment with these tools.

Here is the list of projects that moved this week:

  1. Buildmetadata Maven Plugin
  2. Projectmetadata Maven Plugin
  3. Alias Maven Plugin
  4. smartics Alias Config
  5. smartics Enterprise Architect Maven Plugin
  6. smartics Enterprise Architect Maven Plugin Example

The smartics JBoss Modules Maven Plugin and Config smartics JBoss Modules had moved in the past and are still found in GitHub.

To make it easier for developers to start on a stable tag, these projects have been released. With the exception of the smartics Enterprise Architect Maven Plugin project which is not meant to be employed by users, but serve as an example on how to use the smartics Enterprise Architect Maven Plugin.

We are continuing with moving projects to GitHub and Bitbucket. If you have questions or preferences on projects you want to see moved with higher priority, get in touch!






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