Today version 1.7.0 of the smartics projectdoc add-on for Confluence has been released!

projectdoc supports agile teams creating and maintaining project documentation. It provides templates and tools to improve the collaboration of team members.

Release Notes

The following sections show the highlights of this release. Please refer to the release notes or detailed information.

Section Macro

This release enhances the usability of the Section Macro. The title property is now required which allows to create a new section with title much faster than before. If you have installed the projectdoc Add-on on Confluence 5.8+, the level of the heading will be determined automatically. This makes it very easy to change the location of a section without manually changing the level.

Site Link Macro

The Site Link Macro allows to render a link to a resource on a versioned site. Basically the URL and the version are defined as space properties. Once the version property is updated, all links within the site are automatically updated to the new version.

This scenario is useful if you refer e.g. to a Maven report site for a given version of your product.


The Display Document Properties Macro support expressions. Reference values as usual but create an expression (e.g. (${Users} * ${Copies}) / ${Users}) to be resolved to a value.

Calculation Columns

The Display Table Macro supports    summation of columns .

Transclusion Macro on Blog Articles

Currently blog posts are not fully supported by projectdoc. This release allows to use the Transclusion Macro on blog articles.

For details please refer to PDAC-453.





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