We are currently completing the documentation for our projectdoc addon’s macros. Today we finished the documentation on the Name List Macro, Tag List Macro and Wiki Link Macro.

These three macros have also been added to our Prezi presentation projectdoc Macros, which also works as our progress indicator.

Bubbles with screenshots inside are already completed.

We were planning the release of projectdoc V1 for Confluence by the end of October 2014. Unfortunately we had some extra work to do and the documentation stuff turned out to be more time consuming than expected. Therefore we have to adjust our schedule and set the new goal to the end of November.

We are attending the W-JAX in Munich, therefore we added another four weeks to not miss the target again. (sad) Sorry for the delay!


If you want to learn more about projectdoc and how it helps to create good project documentation, please refer to the introduction video!





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