I’m happy to announce the new video to introduce projectdoc. We have already provided a few screencasts, but this video’s intend is to provide an overview over projectdoc for Atlassian Confluence.

This is in advance to the release of projectdoc. Chances are good that we will push the projectdoc addon to the Atlassian Marketplace for review by Atlassian on Friday. So with a little bit of luck version 1 of projectdoc for Confluence will be available by the end of October – and to be bold: 2014!

The video is based on a Prezi presentation and is available on YouTube (sound alert). On the projectdoc Wiki page, you’ll also get a transcript that delves a little bit deeper into the catch words.

You will learn about:

  • Properties & Sections
  • Document Types
  • Guided Writing & clutter-free Reading
  • Automatic Lists
  • Single Sourcing & Transclusion
  • Macro Structures
  • Space Hierarchies

And we hope that you will agree that with projectdoc your documentation (aka technical communication) is

  • easier to write
  • easier to extend
  • easier to reuse
  • easier to navigate
  • easier to search
  • easier to read

And all of this while you are still in control to define your documentation architecture according to your requirements. This is important, since agile documentation demands to only create documentation that really supports your team and/or product.

You’ll notice that this is a low budget production. So please be gentle to the visuals … but we hope that a video will give you a much better introduction to projectdoc than wading through pages of text (although we also provide these).

We hope that projectdoc will help you to improve you documentation experience with your Confluence wiki!

Enjoy the video: Introduction to projectdoc!








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