We added a new experiment to our Alias Maven Plugin. Our theory is, that users want to add to existing aliases, e.g. to change the colour of the terminal window, to beep on failure or to quit the window on successful termination of a build process. We call this alias extension.

The extended alias is added in addition to the existing aliases so that the user may call the original or the extended version of the alias. So if an alias i is used to run a Maven install, the extension aq (read as ... and quit) adds an alias iaq that runs the install process and closes the terminal after a successful execution.

i = mvn -T 4 clean install $*
iaq = @echo off $T mvn -T 4 clean install $*  ^&^& exit $T @echo on

There is a detailed example on the web site of the Alias Maven Plugin that shows an example of using the alias extension feature.

Alias extensions are available from version 0.2.0 on.





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