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List of all qualities relevant for the technical documentation and team collaboration.

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Finding information is essential, whether you're a new user trying to figure out where to start and what to do or an experienced user looking for a parameter for a command. The organization, retrievability, and visual effectiveness of information contribute most to whether users can find the information that they need.
A coherent arrangement of parts that makes sense to the user.
The presentation of information in a way that enables users to find specific items.
Attractiveness and enhanced meaning of information through the use of layout, illustrations, color, typography, icons, and other graphical devices.
Whether technical information is easy to understand depends mainly on how it is presented at the level of small structures such as words and sentences. It can also involve larger structures such as examples and scenarios.
Freedom from ambiguity or obscurity; the presentation of information in such a way that users understand it the first time.
The inclusion of appropriate examples, scenarios, similes, analogies, specific language, and graphics.
Correctness and appropriateness of writing conventions and of words and phrases.
Ease of use is very broad. Some people equate the term with usability, which they consider as broad as quality itself. Here we limit ease of use to the primary characteristics that determine whether users can actually apply the information. We distinguish this ability from being able to find and understand the information.
A focus on helping users do tasks that are associated with a product or tool in relation to their jobs.
Freedom from mistake or error; adherence to fact or truth.
The inclusion of all necessary parts—and only those parts.
Creating new documents is required to be easy and straight forward. New documents are not necessarily created manually, but may be the result of an automated process.
Documents need to be easily editable. This involves the proper tooling but also extends to support, especially to less writing addicted members of the team.
The tooling should support writers in creating documents just-in-time. Since information is often quickly out-of-date, new documents should be created for immediate consumption.
Tooling should support creating documentation from a single source of truth automatically. While not all documents may be created for immediate consumption, creating information to be postprocessed typically speeds up the creation time.
While creating new documents may require much resources, maintaining documents is typically requires the larger amount of resources. Therefore documentation needs to be easy to maintain.
Documentation needs to make it easy for authors to add to and update existing documents.
Documentation needs to be easily extendable with new content.
Documentation, especially in the context of team collaboration, is never complete and finished. Documentation should therefore embrace this fact instead of fighting it. Supporting an iterative and collaborative work style is therefore required.
Effective documentation is created efficently to make it easy to return on the investment of resources.
The documentation makes it easy to comply with external constraints.

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